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Details for Designers

The Plans Gallery is a user-friendly online platform for homeowners to filter and browse ADU designs, then connect with the designer or company to purchase the plans (site-built ADUs) or the entire unit (prefabricated ADUs). Cities and counties use the plans gallery to list their pre-approved ADU plans and can fill the rest of their gallery with certified prefabricated units and “pre-designed” plans available for sale. 

California locations: This tool helps jurisdictions comply with new state law AB1332, requiring pre-approved ADU plans programs as of January 1, 2025.

How it works

DESIGNERS add their ADU designs, including images, description, and other details. They also indicate if the design has been pre-approved by any cities or counties or certified by housing agencies (HCD, HUD). 

JURISDICTIONS confirm locally pre-approved plans to display on their custom gallery. They also have the option of adding certified prefabricated units and other “pre-designed” plans available for purchase.

HOMEOWNERS browse and filter their local gallery to find plans they like, then connect directly with the designer or prefab company to get started.

Ready to add your plans?

Designer inquiry form

It’s easy to get started! Fill out this form with information about your firm and your ADU work.

Current Status:

We are currently accepting designers for our waitlist as we complete product development. We welcome your submission below, and we’ll be in touch when we’re ready to onboard new designers. 

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